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Yvonne Oswald Ph.D, Award-winning best-selling author of Every Word Has Power

 "Fresh, honest, and straightforward – Debbie gives you everything you need to successfully communicate and get what you want and deserve in business and in life."

R. Dale Wilson, Ph.D, Professor and Chair, Department of Marketing, Michigan State University

“One of the keys to successful marketing and sales in today’s competitive business environment is knowing how to communicate your message so that your prospects see value in you, your company and your product. Debbie shows you how that’s done.”

Loral Langemeier, money expert, 5 times NY Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author

“Business communication, particularly asking for the cash, is the most important thing you can do to create success. Debbie has the tools to help you ask for what you want and succeed in any conversation.”

Do you freeze up during important business conversations? Do you second-guess yourself or avoid negotiations out of fear? You're not alone. Even the most confident people struggle with crucial conversations that impact the bottom line.

Now you can turn the tables on all that by learning my proven conversation strategies.

I'm Debbie Silverman, an award-winning author and 30-year veteran of business communications training. I've helped thousands find their voice to:

  • Land dream jobs and promotions

  • Close the biggest sales

  • Win favorable negotiations every time

In this game-changing online course, you'll discover exactly what to say and how to say it—whether chatting with a CEO, selling to top prospects, or negotiating your salary.

Here's a glimpse at what you'll learn:

  • Destroy negative self-talk so you always show up powerfully

  • Read body language to build instant rapport

  • Sway decisions by uncovering what buyers think but won't say

  • Charm top executives without intimidation or fear

  • Ask for what you want and get it with proven tactics

The techniques I teach combine neuroscience, communication, psychology, and real-world expertise. So they work—I guarantee it.

By the end of the course, you'll have total confidence to:

  • Ask for (and get) raises and promotions

  • Establish instant authority and credibility

  • Build relationships that drive sales

  • Negotiate win-win deals others only dream of

Don't let another opportunity pass you by. Invest in yourself and unlock your full potential with my conversation strategies.

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These questions can spark insightful discussions and help you learn more about the people you're conversing with in a business context. And they are yours free when you take the Course!

Find Your Voice, Close More Deals

If you ever struggle with crucial conversations that impact your career and income, this course is your must-have playbook.

Stop leaving money on the table and start landing dream jobs, winning negotiations, and closing sales other people only wish for. Become the most persuasive, politically savvy communicator in any boardroom or interview.


Module 1 Segment 1: Introduction 

  • Second guessing yourself?
  • Putting off an important conversation?
  • Fear of rejection
  • No fear if you’re having fun!

Module 1 Segment 2: Overview  

  • To get more you have to ask for more
  • Best type of meeting for greatest payoff
  • Give yourself ‘learn and reflect time’
  • What’s covered in other modules

Module 2 Segment 1: How to Get Out of Your Own Way – Change Your Thinking 

  • Play the ‘What If’ game
  • The power of our words
  • Confuse yourself to de-stress (special technique to relax)

Module 2 Segment 2: How to Get Out of Your Own Way – FOCUS

  • FOCUS for the outcome you want
  • How to listen to your clients like your business depends on it (Improv technique)

Module 3 Segment 1: How to Read People to Make More Sales 

  • Importance of the silent conversation (body language, facial expressions and gestures)
  • How to make that great first impression in sales (and in the boardroom)

 Module 3 Segment 2: How to Read People for More Sales – Gain Rapport for Greater Payoffs 

  • Body scan
  • Best way to greet people 
  • What’s their eye color?
  • Matching & mirroring for best results
  • Are you talking too fast?

Module 4 Segment 1: Ins and Outs of Making a Successful Sale

  • No job too small
  • Know your buyer
  • Listen for better relationships

Module 4 Segment 2: Ins and Outs of Making a Successful Sale – 3 Voices in a Sales Conversation 

  • Whose voice in the conversation is the most important?

Module 4 Segment 3: Ins and Outs of Making a Successful Sale – Do You Suffer from CEObia?  

  • How to have a CEO or other high level management conversation
  • How to get past the gate keeper
  • Setting next steps

Module 4 Segment 4: Ins and Outs of Making a Successful Sale – The Fortune is In the Follow-Up! 

Go for the NO!

  • Follow-up email or better yet, snail mail

Module 5 Segment 1: Win Win Negotiating 

  • Setting the bargaining table
  • Shut up and wait!
  • Ask largely

Each Module comes with Play Sheets/Workbook - 16 total!

Estimated Total Course Time to Complete - 3 Hours

Invest in yourself now to gain an unfair competitive advantage by learning my exclusive framework combining psychology, influence techniques, and 30+ years mastering high-stakes dialogues.

The same system Fortune 500 leaders pay me $5K to deliver in person is now available online for game-changing business communication skills without the huge price tag.

The clock is ticking - enroll today and finally get the promotions, salaries, deals and respect you deserve!

About Your Instructor

Debbie Silverman brings 30+ years of experience equipping top executives and entrepreneurs to have powerful business conversations. Her clients include CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

She’s the award-winning, best-selling author of a strategic communication book and a book about protecting seniors and the elderly from scams. Debbie is also an NLP practitioner and human behavior specialist.

Over three decades conducting market research and focus groups, Debbie has honed an uncanny ability to read people and connect quickly.

She served as President of Consumer Perspective, LLC, supporting major advertising agencies. Debbie currently coaches professionals globally on landing dream jobs, negotiating higher salaries, and advancing their careers.

Debbie’s work has been endorsed by leading business authors and money-making experts. Now for the first time, she’s packaged her systematic framework into an online course for anyone serious about mastering influential communication.

Media Experience & Radio Interviews

    • WBEL 1380 AM; Maggie Linton Show / Urban View XM Radio
    • WILO – Partyline with Ken Hartman;
    • The Ed Tyll Show (America’s Best Talk Radio);
    • Big Show Michigan; Michigan Business; Phil Hulett & Friends
    • Internet Television Show “Mirror of Magnificence” on WRPBiTV
    • “Mommy to Mogul” podcast
    • And More!

With an engaging teaching style blending psychology and real-world stories, Debbie makes learning these life-changing skills fun too!

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